tarot weekly 29.11

Well here we are for another week, hope everyone is doing well I just caught up on this week's astrology placements and well all I have to say it that cycles are ending and there are coming for a closer this time, and we are also with the sun in Sagittarius, so there is a lot of fire going on, a lot of power for action.

Ace of Wands + The star
Could have this been a better card? I am here on Mars day, with a red candle and this card just got pulled out, reinforcing what I just mentioned up top about the fire energy, wands is fire. This card represents there is a new beginning on its way, it’s a great time to start on any projects, especially if they are creative, really it is time for action. Followed by the star, this card comes to remind us that there is still hope, and it enhances even more because the star is linked to Venus, the planet of love, and wherever there is love, there is creativity! So embrace these features, wishing you all a beautiful loving week.



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