The star,
The sometimes uncomforting balance
Having to pour on both sides
Creative and Earthy

But all is well, especially after a turbulent storm
Can you stop the negative spiral
And just breathe outside
I forget to look around
I forget to actually also nurture the both sides
Myself needs me
Can I do this?
Without being too harsh
Without the judgement inside
You can do this
Pour out your heart,
To life,
Here, cheers for living and being human
You don’t and won’t get everything right
But you will start to understand what works and what doesn’t
And for that you need to let what doesn’t die
or else it will just break off, the skeleton women is out for you
There is hope

There is fucking love
And you love being in love
With yourself
with someone else
Those first butterflies
the connection, the intimacy
but making sure it doesn’t overstep you
But I don’t want to run away anymore
I receive love
I give love

I am open for it
I deserve it




I write for my soul

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I write for my soul

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