Weekly Tarot 14.02


Hope you are all doing well. Here a few dwells and thoughts from last week, I actually have been feeling the theme and word passion lately a lot in my life, and by passion I mean love, creativity, the will of doing things in a more inspiring, passionate way. So I leave here a question? How passionate have you been about life? How can you live a more passionate life and have passion towards the things you do in your day to day, this includes the small things. We also have a wonderful Full Moon in Leo this week, bringing out the pride, showing off whatever you have brought to this world.

Tarot Cards:

You may have been hurt deeply, deeply in your heart, making you feel more closed off to certain situations, the questions here can be: “What can I do to release this pain and learn from it?” it is interesting to start noticing limiting beliefs, which actually might of lead to not really being able to see a bigger perspective in life. Instead of going down a negative spiral, try to work things out, maybe try talking to a friend that really understands you or if needed seek some professional help. Notice as well that you are not trying to be arrogant towards goals or situations. Stay true to what is important to you.

All my love,
Ana ✨🦋


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